#8 – Worst Best Friends

Broaden your horizons regarding what people can get away with in professional filmmaking and video game development in this joke-tacular belated April Fool’s special! We tackle disappointing DLC, suffocating soundtracks, and classic Fools’ hoaxes from over the years.

#5 – Duelist Mouth

This is it. The one you’ve all been waiting for. Finally, the secret of the special features on the home release of Thor 2: The Dark World are revealed. We also walk back our views on bad ice cream, and Skavi activates their trap card.

#4 – This is My Twin, T’Challla, with 3 L’s

Today’s episode has two sickbois as we discuss similarities to Childish Gambino on the new Janelle Monae, and Juan sniffles and croaks his way through an illness. Also, we conclude our reading of Black Panther, discuss a new giant robot strategy game, and the dark pig skeletons in David Cameron’s closet.

#3 – Devil May Cry: Dante’s Ding-Dong

Submitted for Grammy consideration, this episode see us diving down the rabbit hole of bad movie CGI and golden-age reality TV. Plus a troubling discovery in some browser documentation.

#2 – Christopher Nolan’s Dragon Ball Super

We’re back with better audio quality, hotter takes, and actual introductions! Join us this week as we discuss Black Panther (with no spoilers), Shadow of the Colossus, Guy Fieri, latin american folk music, and more.